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Many hair re-growth medications promise to deliver results. Hair Cynr-G has been proven to work time and time again by growing hair back in balding and thinning areas, giving those with balding and thinning heads confidence again. Whether you experience severe balding or just thinning, this topical medication will grow hair within 30 to 90 days of use. What results can you expect? We've helped hundreds of people get their hair back. View our before and after photos below to see just a few of those patients:

Case 1

Top Before Top After Back/Top Before Back/Top After
Case 2

Top Before Top After Back Before Back After
Case 3

Top Before Top After Back Before Back After
Case 4

Back Before Back After Top Before Top After
Case 5

Top Before Top After
Case 6

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How Can You Get Hair Cynr-G?
Hair Cynr-G is available without a prescription or office visit. To begin your first steps toward growing your hair back, please Order Online or call 310-393-1534 to find out how you can order by phone.


Developed by board certified physicians, Hair Cynr-G is a topical growth product that has proven to grow hair back within
30 - 90 days. Browse our collection of frequently asked questions and get answers to many common questions.
Get Hair Cynr-G today and make
the first step towards growing your
hair back. To get this proven topical
hair growth medication, please
310-393-1534 or fill out the form to schedule an appointment:
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